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Aroon Ajmera Quick Facts

Main Areas: Feng Shui for Homes and Businesses & Feng Shui AStrology
Best Sellers: Feng Shui & Your Home, Feng Shui & Your Office (self-published)
Career Focus: Consultant and Author & Publisher, Nature Photographer
Affiliation: Feng Shui Society of UK, Feng-Shui Network -Linkedin


Born in India, Aroon graduated from New York University in 1961 with a Master’s degree in Business Administration. He has lived in London, UK since 1967 where he ran a number of his own businesses and held senior positions in the banking and financial services industry for many years. Thereafter, with a flair for interior design, he studied Intuitive Feng Shui for several years and obtained an honorary Scholarship Certificate.This new field has been his passion and the sole focus of his career since 1996.


Aroon  has been an executive committee member of the Feng Shui Society of the UK and a Treasurer for its London Region for many years. As a believer in new age study, alternative therapies and the influence of vibrational world on our wellbeing, he is also a keen nature photographer. He pioneered the first on line Feng Shui Photographic Gallery in the UK in 2000.  In addition to being instrumental in transforming his clients’ lives and environments as a consultant around the world, he also teaches Feng Shui in London, UK and Mumbai, India. He is the author of ‘Feng Shui and your Home’ (published in 2000) and ‘Feng Shui and Your office’ (published by him in September 2002). He has also authored two classic photobooks, Feng Shui Living’ (2009) and Feng Shui Astrology Made Easy (using 9 star Ki)-Published in 2011 available from http://www.blurb.com/search/site_search?search=aroon+ajmera&filter=bookstore&commit=Search


I reflected and listed three areas of my life needing improvement. They were Fame & Recognition, more Helpful Friends and gaining Knowledge (especially computer related). Within five years, even before I completed my course, my first book on Feng Shui was published, I made a few hundred friends through my consultations, lectures and classes both in the UK and India and had an award winning website www.fengshuidesigns.co.uk.

This proven science and the art of placement has now ignited my passion to share this oriental wisdom with the universe through the inspirational pages that follow. I will be sharing lots of information such as Feng Shui articles, 9 star ki astrology, inspirational presentations, Feng shui images, and Feng Shui enhancing products. Doors will be open to you for taking everything that has helped me fulfill my dreams. That way, I will feel content in sharing what I have, to make a difference to your lives. Be energised and enjoy your Feng Shui journey.

Through adverse situations, we cannot direct the wind, but we have the power to adjust the sails…to harness positive forces to lead us safely to our destination….


Similarly, with the knowledge of one’s character and the energy of time of our life’s journey, we can align our own energy within our body and with the energy of our environment to fulfill our dreams.