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Aroon’s Photobox Gallery Deals ~ Reduced Prices by 20%

Welcome to a PhotoBox gallery of Feng Shui Designs.
Aroon’s professional Photobox Gallery is to close down soon as a result of re-organisation within Photobox. Consequently for the next couple of months the prices of the Gallery products have been dropped  by 20%. Do view the Gallery on  
and benefit from the discounts and deals.
Feng Shui Designs, in association with Photobox started the first Feng Shui online Gallery of UK in year 2000. Aroon Ajmera, a  nature photographer & Feng Shui consultant offers his stunning images of natural beauty relating to the five elements,four seasons and a creative collection for the nine areas of our life.
The gallery offers a variety of products including double exposure images, Bagua area images,Skyscapes and sunrises, Feng Shui products and Five elements prints.
You can order prints up to size 30″ x 20″, Canvas prints,and prints or products like T-shirts,  mouse mats or on  glass.  
For more information: Contact Aroon Ajmera  E-mail:  website http://

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Why Astrology is important…

where you come from is not nearly as important as where you are going.IMG_0476_edited-1


Your 9 star ki Astrology Report

9 star ki astrology is an ancient system of energy of your time moving through 9 houses made up of 5 elements. It is determined by your birth sign based upon your date of birth. It describes you as a water person, wood person, fire person, earth person or a metal person. Your birth sign moves through the 9 zones in an ascending order every year, and every month.

Based on what each zone offers you on an annual and monthly basis can be predicted and used as a navigation system giving you the opportunity to grab the auspicious time frames to deal with your important tasks successfully.

9 star ki report personally prepared by Aroon Ajmera would contain your profile, your nature,health tips,colour suitability, elemental suitability and your monthly and annual energy of time for the next nine months and the next nine years.

This 6 page  report costing £30 will be e-mailed to you within 10 days. All we need is your date of birth, full name and address by e-mail to after making the payment via Paypal. 

The payment has to be made using the above e-mail address of Aroon Ajmera.

You will then join many of my followers navigating their lives successfully.

I strongly believe  that “If you do not know where you are going you will end up some where else” !!!

For purchasing Aroon’s book , you can visit  

Are we on the right track?

Are we on the right track?